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Registration is free and allows you to test Power Cron without engagement during 7 days, with a pack of 5 scheduled tasks. You will then be able to choose the pack and duration that best fits the needs of your information system.

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Once your account is created, you can deploy the Power Cron wrapper across your Linux servers. Hosts and jobs will automatically be referenced and added to your dashboard. You will then be able to handle them from there.

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Save time

Power Cron allows you tu watch the scheduled tasks of all your information system from your dashboard. Forget the hours watching each server's system log file !

How it work »

Power Cron is a centralized management solution for Linux servers scheduled tasks.

It enhances the Cron task scheduler, installed by default on these servers, with a set of features that are missing from it.

Cron executes tasks and logs the errors.

Power Cron profile tasks it launches, and ascends indicators (start time, end time, delay time, execution time, memory usage, CPU usage, status) to the system team.

Cron is a lonely task scheduler. It is designed to manage the local tasks of a server.

Power Cron provides a dashboard that centralizes monitoring of all tasks of the information system.

Cron is a sequential task scheduler. It launches the tasks of the server on which it is installed at scheduled times.

Power Cron can define dependencies between tasks, whether local or remote.

The consultation of the state of Cron jobs is done using a terminal in text mode.

Power Cron presents charts on its multi-terminal responsive web interface.


50 tasks
10 € / month

250 tasks
20 € / month

500 tasks
30 € / month

1000 tasks
40 € / month

Registration is free and allows you to test the service for 7 days with 5 tasks.
You may then select the pack that best suits your needs.
Payment can be made by credit card or Paypal account.